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Kasandrinos International

(1) 3 Liter Bag in a Box

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The 3-liter package we offer encapsulates the essence of nature's yearly bounty – the entire harvest of an entire olive tree, a truly extraordinary and once-a-year event. Our Olive trees are known for their resilience and longevity, spanning generations, and their fruit embodies centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

The 3-liter package, which holds the fruit of this single tree, carries a sense of rarity and exclusivity. It is a testament to the patience and dedication of both nature and the skilled individuals who tend to these ancient groves. When you open this container, you're not just experiencing olive oil; you're savoring the spirit of a year's journey, a connection to the land, and the craftsmanship of those who bring this remarkable product to your table. It's a celebration of the olive tree's annual gift, making it truly special.

 ***We exclusively offer our 3-liter olive oil packaging through our subscribe & save program. This choice reflects our dedication to delivering a container filled with the harvest of an entire olive tree, a yearly event at its peak freshness. By limiting access to our valued Subscribe and Save members, we can accurately plan our import quantities to the US.

This strategy enables us to uphold stringent quality standards and extend exclusive benefits to our loyal subscribers. Crucially, it ensures the freshest possible product. While it diverges from traditional one-time purchases, our subscription model guarantees a premium experience and sustainable tree support. We firmly believe that this subscription approach allows us to continually provide you with exceptional value while preserving the product's excellence over time.