The Kasandrinos Process

  • Ancient Trees, An Ancient Process

    The secret to excellent olive oil is simplicity. And that means starting with the best olives. Most of our trees are hundreds (even thousands) of years old, which means more flavorful fruit. And a taste that stands the test of time. Kasandrinos' ancient olive trees take two things to thrive: water and sunshine. No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Ever.

  • Perfectly Balanced for Taste

    We use the same olive trees our ancestors did, mixing Koroneiki olives and Athinolia olives for a perfect balance of sweet and sharp.

  • Picked By Hand

    Mechanical harvesting may be more efficient, but machines can damage olive trees and bruise the olives, which leads to a lower quality oil. Tractors and other mechanical processing vehicles also damage the soil, disrupting the ecosystem that feeds back into healthy land and healthy trees. For these reasons, we pick and sort our olives by hand.

  • Pressed Straight From The Grove

    All of our olives are picked by hand and go straight to the mill for pressing. No barrels of olives baking in the sun or left to mold.

  • Preserving Nutrients and Flavor

    Every bottle of Kasandrinos olive oil is cold-pressed to preserve nutrients and taste. That means a low-temperature, slow-churn for hours to get the golden oil from the olive and into a final mesh filter before storing. And while some companies will use the remaining pulp as a second press to get another round of (less tasty) oil, we stick with a single press and recycle the rest into fuel pellets for local Greeks.

  • Stored and Shipped for Freshness

    When it comes to olive oil, freshness is the most important factor. Time and sunlight degrade olive oil like nothing else, breaking down antioxidants and robbing the oil of its flavor. That’s why we bottle our olive oil in ultra-dark glass or BPA-free tin cans — to protect it from light and preserve its taste and quality. We also ship our olive oil in climate-controlled containers to prevent oxidation. And because we only sell the most current harvest, you can always expect the freshest oil possible, straight from the tree to your table.

With Kasandrinos, you don’t just get a great-tasting bottle of olive oil — you get the purest possible oil, harvested using Old Word methods from the land our family has tended for generations. In fact, we don’t sell anything that’s been sitting on the shelf for more than one season. Here are just a few ways we make sure you’re getting the best olive oil with every order

Kasandrinos olive trees in Lakonia, Greece.

Organic, Non-GMO

Our olive trees are beyond organic, with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers of any kind used at any point in the growing process. And since our trees were planted long before genetic modification, it was easy to get them GMO-certified.

Single-Origin Oil

We’re proud to produce single-origin olive oil with a harvest date on every bottle. Most other olive oil manufacturers use different batches of oil from separate regions and put expiration dates on the label instead of harvest dates. With Kasandrinos, you’ll always know exactly when and where your olive oil was made. 

Stimulating the Economy, Preserving the Environment

Our olives come from our family’s land. So, we’re dedicated stewards of the land our ancestors left us. Not only does the Kasandrinos process make better-tasting oil, but it also creates a smaller carbon footprint and preserves the land our ancestors left us. Not only that — nothing in the olive oil-making process is wasted. Leaves and debris are turned into goat food. And the pulp from the olives is turned into sustainable fuel sources for heating homes in the winter.

Scientifically-Backed Quality

There’s only one real way to know if your olive oil is good or not — a chemical analysis. And every batch of Kasandrinos olive oil goes through two independent, third-party tests for quality and freshness.


The quality of the oil and the integrity of our process will never change. That’s why we put our name on the bottle.