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A Greek Family Tradition

Olive oil has been a central part of the Kasandrinos family for generations. Kasandrinos babies are even baptized with olive oil from our family’s land. In Greece, it’s customary to grow and press your own olive oil for family and friends. So, even after moving to the U.S., our family made sure to bring enough olive oil to enjoy until the next trip back to our family home in Niata, Greece. It was so much a part of our lives that we never realized most people in the U.S. have been drizzling stale olive oil on their food for decades.

Discover the Kasandrinos Difference

Health Benefits

Explore the numerous health benefits of our olive oil, including promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, and supporting brain function.

Quality Assurance

Learn about our commitment to quality, from our organic and non-GMO olives to our small-batch production process and rigorous testing standards.

Community Impact

Discover how your purchase supports sustainable farming practices, economic stability in our community, and the preservation of traditional Greek olive oil craftsmanship.

A Growing Community

With Kasandrinos, we took a leap of faith that people stateside would care about the quality of their olive oil. And we were right. More and more health-enthusiasts and foodies started tasting and feeling the difference from our single-origin, small-batch, organic oil. Since then, the team has grown to include our cousin Efrosyni as the Creative Director. We’ve expanded to sell on Amazon. And we’re still proud to sell every bottle of olive oil and vinegar directly to you. No middleman. No bottles sitting on shelves for months. Just fresh, single-origin oil and vinegar, from our family to yours.


Certified Quality, Sustainably Sourced, Pure Perfection.


Certified Quality, Sustainably Sourced, Pure Perfection.

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