From our family to yours

Experience the Kasandrinos family's deep connection to their ancestral village of Niata in Lakonia, Greece. With a profound appreciation for food, family, and abundant olive oil, their lives have been enriched. Discover the family whose unwavering dedication to responsibly-sourced, single-origin olive oil inspired the creation of Kasandrinos. Immerse yourself in their remarkable journey and explore their commitment to quality. Join the Kasandrinos family as they continue to make olive oil the heart and soul of their lives.

  • Tony Kasandrinos

    Founder & CEO

    Tony, a Rochester, New York native, has a fascinating background that includes a cherished childhood spent in his father's village in Niata, Greece. Graduating from the prestigious Aquinas Institute, Tony embarked on a transformative journey when he joined the Marine Corps in 1997. His unwavering dedication led him to retire from active duty in the autumn of 2019.

    Driven by a passion for quality and authenticity, Tony established Kasandrinos International in 2012. This venture began when he introduced the family's remarkable olive oil to fellow Crossfit gym enthusiasts. Impressed by its exquisite taste, Tony sought a partnership with Effi to share their olive oil with the world. Currently residing in Laytonsville, Maryland. Tony finds joy in the company of his wife Angela and their son Ares.

    During his leisure time, Tony immerses himself in his passions for travel, outdoor adventures, and creating lasting memories around the dining table with loved ones. A true connoisseur, he delights in savoring olive oil by drizzling it generously over a classic horiatik salata, or Greek salad, complemented by succulent lamb chops.

  • Effi Kasandrinos

    Founder & CFO

    Effi Kasandrinos is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background and a strong work ethic. Graduating from the University of Maryland in 2003, she embarked on a successful career journey. From 2003 to 2014, Effi served as an Executive Assistant to investment bankers at JP Morgan, gaining valuable experience in the financial industry.

    In 2014, a business opportunity brought Effi to Las Vegas. During her 6 ½ years at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, she excelled as an Executive Assistant to the CFO and General Counsel, contributing to the hotel's success.

    As co-owner and CFO of Kasandrinos Int’l, Effi now focuses on driving the business forward. She also operates the Kasandrinos shipping and fulfillment center .

    Beyond her professional achievements, Effi is the mother of three girls: Ava, Ana, and Arya. Her ability to balance work and family exemplifies her success in both domains. Effi currently resides is Las Vegas Nevada

  • Efrosyni Colati

    Creative Director

    Efrosyni, a talented individual with a degree in New Media Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, embarked on a career journey that led her to Virginia. There, she secured a position at an agency, focusing on UX and UI work. In 2016, Efrosyni joined forces with her cousins, Tony and Effi, as part of the Kasandrinos team. Alongside her 9-5 job, she devoted her spare time to contribute her expertise to various aspects of the business, ranging from designing labels to enhancing the website.

    Currently, Efrosyni resides in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, where she finds joy in the company of her husband, Domenico, and their daughter, Sofia. Her deep-rooted connection to Greece is intertwined with cherished memories of savoring delicious meals cooked by her beloved Yiayia, evoking a sense of nostalgia and cultural appreciation.

    Explore the creative contributions of Efrosyni, an accomplished New Media Design professional, as she adds her artistic touch to the Kasandrinos brand.

  • Erica Spagnola Vines

    Wholesale Manager

    Erica Spagnola Vines is an esteemed leader at Kasandrinos International, heading the Domestic & Wholesale Division. Originally from New Jersey, she now resides in the vibrant city of Scottsdale, AZ, with her husband Kevin and their daughter Antonella. With a strong background in the food and beverage industry, Erica's journey began at Spindrift Beverage Co, where she gained invaluable firsthand experience in successfully growing a start-up within the competitive New York City foodservice and retail market.

    Taking her career to new heights, Erica joined the renowned specialty distributor, Baldor Specialty Foods in New York. She firmly believes in the power of building and nurturing relationships, recognizing them as crucial to achieving success in the industry. Erica values qualities such as honesty, hard work, and grit, which have contributed to her numerous accomplishments.

    Throughout her career, Erica has had the privilege of collaborating with industry leaders such as the award-winning James Beard Chef Dominique Ansel and his teams in New York and Los Angeles, the acclaimed Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, and the renowned Waldorf Astoria Resort & Spa at Monarch Beach in Dana Point.

    During her leisure time, Erica enjoys staying active through workouts, embracing the beauty of the beach, and indulging in delicious food while creating lasting memories with her loved ones.

  • Cindy LaRocca

    Customer Experience

    Cindy is not just responsible for overseeing our customer experience; she also holds the cherished role of being both Tony and Effi's mother! Prior to becoming an integral part of our team, Cindy dedicated her time as a full-time grandma to Effis' three adorable girls: Ava, Ana, and Arya. Her days were filled with the joyful chaos of caring for and nurturing her beloved grandchildren. However, as the girls have all now embarked on their educational journeys, Cindy decided to un-retire herself and rejoin the dynamic workforce, bringing her wealth of experience to the Kasandrinos team.

    Cindy's expertise in customer service is unparalleled. With a remarkable career spanning over four decades in the restaurant industry, she not only weathered its challenges but also flourished. Remarkably, Cindy even owned and operated two thriving restaurants of her own. During those years, she immersed herself in every facet of the business, wearing multiple hats, from being a friendly cashier to tirelessly washing dishes, serving as a diligent waitress, and even donning the chef's apron to prepare delicious meals.

    When you reach out to us for assistance and receive an email in response, there's a good chance that you're conversing with none other than our beloved mom, Cindy. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service runs deep in her veins, and she extends the same warmth, care, and attention to detail to our customers as she does to her own family. So, if you ever wonder who's behind those thoughtful and helpful responses, rest assured it's our wonderful mom, Cindy, making sure your experience with Kasandrinos is nothing short of outstanding.

  • Chelf Dortlouke

    Recipe Creator

    Yota Chelf Dortlouke is an esteemed award-winning chef and content creator renowned for her expertise in food styling and photography. With a passion for creativity that extends beyond the culinary world, she also freelances on various creative projects within the music and lifestyle industries. Yota embodies the philosophy of luxe minimalism, prioritizing quality over quantity in her artistic endeavors. Her love for eclecticism shines through in her work, as she thrives on collaborating with small yet dedicated creative teams who dare to venture off the beaten path.

    Born and raised in the captivating country of Greece, Yota currently resides in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki. When she's not crafting extraordinary recipes, she indulges in her two great loves: coffee and olive oil. These simple pleasures energize and inspire her creative spirit, fueling her passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences.

    Discover the captivating world of Yota Chelf Dortlouke, where culinary artistry meets visual storytelling. Immerse yourself in her visually stunning food styling and photography, while exploring her versatile contributions to the realms of music and lifestyle. Embrace her unique perspective, characterized by a devotion to minimalism, an appreciation for quality, and a flair for the unconventional. Join Yota on her creative journey, where coffee, olive oil, and boundless imagination blend seamlessly.