First of all, we appreciate you being loyal to Kasandrinos International. As a very small family owned company we strive to be a company that cares about our customers, about the products we offer, and how we do business each and every day. As many of you may know, Kasandrinos Olive Oil is an Organic, Hand Picked, Single Sourced Olive Oil. What really sets us apart is that we only offer the freshest Olive Oil available (the most recent harvest). We bring Olive Oil from Greece 4 times a year. Our subscription plan allows you the customer to ensure your Olive Oil will be in stock. Subscribe and Save Members always get priority on our stock. When we run out of certain sizes, we run out until our next shipment. We would rather do this than bring tons of oil to America and let it sit in a warehouse or a store shelf. 

Please read the below on how our program works.

Subscription members sign up for Kasandrinos products to be sent to them on a 1,2 or 3 monthly recurring basis. So each month you receive your order at a discount! You can cancel any time after receiving your second shipment. Members have the option to change the quantity with which they order or to put items on hold at any time.

Subscription members can choose to cancel at any time after receiving your first two shipments if they used the subscribe code. Simply log into your accountYou can pause, change or cancel your subscription. You can log in and edit your order at anytime. You can add products, change products, change your frequency or ship date, edit credit card in, add products for one time purchase to piggy back a subscription order. You name it, you can do it. If at any time you have a question, please just shoot us an email at and we will help you out.

*** Our user platform is a little bland at the moment :) 

We are well aware and having it designed to be much more user friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. We love our customers and if you have any input on how to improve, let us know. We wont get offended and welcome interaction with you.