Six factors that set Kasandrinos apart

Kasandrinos team and family picking olives in Greece at a large ancient tree.

Six Factors That Set Kasandrinos Apart

In recent years, olive oil has become a common kitchen staple - known for being a heart-healthier alternative to butter and a mainstay of popular Mediterranean, keto, or paleo dieting methods. Since 1989, the use of olive oil has more than quadrupled in the United States.

But with its popularity, questions have also arisen: what makes one olive oil different from another? Why is one brand more expensive? What are the health and taste benefits of descriptors like cold pressed or hand picked?

Below, we’ll help dispel the myths about why we believe our olive oil is set apart from many others, and why we think Kasandrinos is a worthwhile investment for those looking to reap the many benefits of olive oil.

1 - Single-sourced Koroneiki olives - Kasandrinos olive oil uses only Greek, extra-virgin Koroneiki olives, known for their robust flavor, small size, and high quality oil. Kasandrinos is never mixed with lower-quality oils or other types of olives.

2 - Cold pressed - This refers to the process used to extract the oil from our olives. Though more oil can often be used by heating the olives during the extraction process, this can disrupt the taste and flavor profile and lower the nutritional content of the olive oil. Our olives are never heated about 81 degrees Fahrenheit during production.

3- Hand- picked - similar to grapes in Italy, olives don’t do well with mechanized picking methods. Our olives are hand-selected, and only the highest-quality and ripest olives are chosen for our oils.

4 - Pressed within twenty-four hours - after olives are picked, dirt and twigs are removed via a washing process, and are then pressed within twenty-four hours. This yields an extremely fresh and high-quality oil.

5 - Ultra-low acidity level - Generally speaking, the lower the acidity of a virgin oil, the better quality it is. Our oils all fall under .3% - an extremely low level that yields a higher nutritional content and better taste.

6 - Veteran and woman-owned - Kasandrinos is founded and owned by Tony Kasandrinos, a Marine Corps veteran, and Effi Kasandrinos, his sister. When you buy Kasandrinos, you know you’re supporting a family brand that upholds its values.

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