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Say Cheese!

Olive Oil and Cheese

Tomato and basil, sea and sun, olive oil and cheese. Some things marry so well together that there’s simply no room for improvement.

While we are craving a picture-perfect sea and sun landscape, let’s talk about olive oil and cheese and how they magically fit together so perfectly that they become an addictive gastronomical combo.

Fromage lovers around the world are familiar with the concept: A slice of matured cheese drizzled with a few drops of golden olive oil and perhaps a glass of wine to perfect the culinary dream-team.

Today we are diving deep into the olive oil and cheese food pairing to help you make the right picks and elevate your game.

  • Keep it simple 
A rule of thumbs that applies to most things in life. The simpler the better. If you are new to this start with cheese you know well. It doesn't have to be fancy or overly complicated. A type of cheese that you are familiar with, will help you start noticing the different kinds of flavors that unfold with the addition of good olive oil.

  • Sharpen your geography
Most olive oil buffs will confirm that if it grows together it most likely fits together. It's not unlikely to pair olive oils and cheese from different regions, however, a guaranteed way to find your perfect match is to look into the local products and give them a go, together. How about a wedge of feta cheese drizzled with Kasandrinos EVOO?

  • Look for the Intensity
The elaborate aromas of a cured cheese will be accentuated with olive oil and in most cases, the texture will be enhanced as well, as the creamy cheese blends with the olive oil drops.

  • Grill it
One of the best ways to enjoy cheese and olive oil! Salty, semi-hard goat and sheep milk cheeses are ideal candidates. Feel the Greek vibes with Halloumi, Feta Cheese or Talagani Cheese. Or French it up with a Camembert or Brie, both creamy, soft and moist, truly delicious with olive oil!

  • Add sweetness
Cheese, olive oil and jam. Compliment the savory, sharp aromas from the cheese, with the earthiness from the olive oil and a sweet finishing touch from the jam. Citrusy jams and jellies work well in that case; we are thinking of orange, grapefruit or lemon jam on a grilled, aged pecorino or a lovely fig jam paired with a wedge of blue cheese drizzled with Kevoo and a thick slice of rustic, grilled bread to dip into the extra oil.

  • Maximalism is back
Set up a simple yet sophisticated cheese platter to impress your guests – or even better, treat yourself after a long day! Serve different types of cheese on a cutting board and some olive oil on the side to drizzle on each piece. Add fresh and dried fruit for visual interest and balance, nuts, olives and something green, and don't forget the fresh bread! Make sure to have different knives for each type of cheese to avoid an unwanted mash-up of flavors. The Kasandrinos Spartan Packs are the perfect addition here, as they come in individual servings and they are so easy to pack for a cheese, wine and olive oil themed picnic!

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(1) 3 Liter Can
(1) 250 ML Can

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