Olive oil for pets

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Olive Oil for Pets

Our little (or big) furry friends are in for a real treat! Did you know you can use the magic powers of olive oil to boost your pet’s health? Pick up your fur baby and let us show you how!

Healthy, glossy coat (and less shedding)

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that help condition your dog’s or cat’s coat. A balanced diet full of good nutrients is the most important factor for a glossy, healthy coat which means less shedding, so less cleaning and vacuuming for you! The easy way to add olive oil to their diets is to drizzle a generous tablespoon a day on their usual food. Alternatively, you could soak a few treats and stuff them in a Kong toy to keep your pet occupied for hours while you are doing your own thing uninterrupted. If you feel like baking something dog-a-licious why don't you try making your own D.I.Y dog treats using olive oil? (LINK TO RECIPE HERE). Oats, olive oil, bananas, olive oil, and carrots are the simplest and most frugal ingredients that we all have in our kitchen so give it a go and enjoy the extra cuddles you earned with your chef's knife! Keep in mind that a general rule of thumbs is one teaspoon per 20 pounds per body weight per day and always consult with your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

Ear Yeast Infections

There's a natural and effective solution to those annoying and upsetting (for the entire family) ear infections. As soon as you notice the first symptoms of an ear infection (rubbing their ears constantly) try to eliminate the infection from spreading before it gets worse.  Mix one part of olive oil with one part apple cider vinegar and use a cloth to clean the infected area. Use a cotton swab if needed. 

Clean Paws

Keep your dog’s paws conditioned and mat-free by massaging a few drops of olive oil once a week. It works wonders and it's a heart-warming, bonding experience as well. Olive oil is natural and free from nasty, dangerous chemicals so that you won't have to worry about them licking their paws afterward. 

Itchy Skin

The vitamin E in olive oil is truly beneficial to your pet’s skin. Extra virgin olive, which has a lower acid content, is the way to go and your furry buddy will be utterly grateful! When you notice your pet suffering from dry and itchy skin, add a few drops of good quality olive oil to their dry or wet food daily. Prevention is the best cure so let's start today! You can also apply olive oil directly to your dog's coat while brushing, use on cracked pads, cuts and sores to help them heal fast and pain-free.


A healthy digestive system is reflective of your pet's overall health. But no matter how careful you are you may find that dogs and cats can suffer from constipation from time to time. For mild cases of constipation ensure your dog is getting enough water and exercise and use olive oil in their diet to make them a happy fellow again! 

Remember it’s always best to consult your vet to be on the safe side! Now, who’s ready for a walk?

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