Olive Oil and Vitamin D for Muscle Repair

Olive Oil and Vitamin D for Muscle Repair

Olive Oil and Vitamin D for Muscle Repair

What if we told you that olive oil and vitamin D enriched recipes are the perfect post-workout meals to speed up muscle recovery? Olive oil lovers rejoice, as new studies are suggesting the effect olive oil and vitamin D have on muscle repair and performance. 

Up until now, we were aware that we need protein, a good nap and a good amount of water to help removing the metabolic waste a heavy workout produces.

But now we have an extra ace up our sleeve to tackle exercise recovery, and power through the next tough workout with minimal effort. We can basically modify the metabolism of muscles with dietary intervention. Let’s see how that works: 

How does olive oil work with Vitamin D?

Researchers from the University of Catania in Italy found out that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil and vitamin D supplementation increased the thickness of muscle fiber significantly. Muscle fiber perimeter was measured by histology and morphometric analysis and the results were surprising. So, essentially olive oil in conjunction with vitamin D helps build thicker and stronger muscle tissue. Several studies have claimed that a Mediterranean diet has a favorable role in the prevention of muscle loss as it is rich in olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil has anti-oxidative properties and can improve the adaptive response of the body in conditions of oxidative stress thanks to its ability to scavenge free radicals, therefore preventing cellular injury. Vitamin D shows trophic action on muscle fibers. Those two together make a powerful ally.

What is sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of muscle mass that comes with age, sedentary life, and chronic diseases. Good dietary and lifestyle choices could help counteract sarcopenia, keep the muscle rebuild on a good track, and kick-start muscle recovery after a workout. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to sarcopenia as well. So consuming healthy fats from a good source like EVOO and getting some sunshine vitamin may have a positive impact.

A new era for fitness enthusiasts.

Clean calories are every fitness lover’s fuel of choice as it provides pure energy while being easy on the digestive system. Olive oil is 100% natural dietary supplement​​​​​​​, it reduces the rate of inflammation and helps build muscle mass while reducing muscle breakdown. And on top of all that we now know that together with vitamin D they seem to have a protective effect that helps with muscle recovery! 

Grab your towel and hit the gym, then grab a bottle of KEVOO and click on our collection of olive oil recipes to fuel your post-workout recovery. 

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