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Bringing a Taste of Greece to The World

You deserve incredible olive oil. Oil from olives soaked in the Grecian sun for months and picked by hand with care. Oil from organic, non-GMO olives, pressed in small batches for taste and freshness… not for mass production.For us, olive oil isn’t just a heart-healthy kitchen essential. Every bottle of Kasandrinos olive oil is a piece of our homeland, made with economic stability, environmental sustainability, and your health in mind.

A Greek Family Tradition

Olive oil has been a central part of the Kasandrinos family for generations. Kasandrinos babies are even baptized with olive oil from our family’s land. In Greece, it’s customary to grow and press your own olive oil for family and friends. So, even after moving to the U.S., our family made sure to bring enough olive oil to enjoy until the next trip back to our family home in Niata, Greece. It was so much a part of our lives that we never realized most people in the U.S. have been drizzling stale olive oil on their food for decades.

Bringing the best olive oil into the wellness space

Our love language is always food and quality time. So when co-founder Tony Kasandrinos would move to a new city, he always brought his family’s olive oil along. And Tony moved a lot in his 22-year career as an active-duty Marine. Back in 2012, he started gifting bottles to friends at a local CrossFit gym, and they were hooked. Everyone agreed: you couldn’t find olive oil like this in the United States. At the same time, Tony realized just how many olive oil brands were cut with other oils or made from poor-quality olives. With the encouragement of friends and family, Tony and his sister Effi decided to bring a little bit of Greece over to America, and Kasandrinos was formed.

A Growing Community

With Kasandrinos, we took a leap of faith that people stateside would care about the quality of their olive oil. And we were right. More and more health-enthusiasts and foodies started tasting and feeling the difference from our single-origin, small-batch, organic oil. Since then, the team has grown to include our cousin Efrosyni as the Creative Director. We’ve expanded to sell on Amazon. And we’re still proud to sell every bottle of olive oil and vinegar directly to you. No middleman. No bottles sitting on shelves for months. Just fresh, single-origin oil and vinegar, from our family to yours.

Bringing Culture and Tradition to Your Table

The products we bring to your table are more than just food. They’re from the land our family has tended for generations. It’s the olive oil we were raised with. The foods that bring us together. We hope that you’ll taste the care that goes into every bottle. From hand-picking the olives to crushing, bottling, and shipping in a way that nurtures the land and the people who tend it. And most of all, we hope Kasandrinos can bring you a little bit of the country we love to your family’s table.

Meet the Kasandrinos Family

Bringing You Greece in a Bottle

From Our Family to Yours

The Kasandrinos grew up traveling to their family’s village of Niata in Lakonia, Greece. Food, family, and lots of olive oil were always the center of their lives… and they still are! Meet the family who’s passion for responsibly-sourced, single-origin olive oil led them to create Kasandrinos.

Tony Kasandrinos

Founder & CEO

Tony is a native of Rochester, New York, but spent a good portion of his childhood in his father’s village in Niata, Greece. After graduating from the Aquinas Institute, Tony joined the Marine Corps in 1997 and retired from active duty in 2019. Tony currently lives close to family in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs sales and marketing at Kasandrinos full-time with his sister Effi, and cousin Efrosyni. In his free time, he loves traveling, being outdoors, and spending time around the table with friends and family. Tony’s favorite way to eat olive oil is drenched over a horiatik isalad (Greek salad) and lamb chops.

Effi Kasandrinos Booth

Founder & CFO

Effi Kasandrinos Booth graduated from the University of Maryland in 2003 and served as an Executive Assistant to multiple investment bankers at JP Morgan from 2003 until 2014. Her love for numbers and for her family brought her to Las Vegas in 2014, where she works as an Executive Assistant to the CFO and General Counsel at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. She a wife and mother of 3 girls: Ava, Ana, and Arya. Effi’s favorite memories of Greece are at the beach and sharing spanakopita around the dinner table.

Efrosyni Kostakis

Creative Director

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in New Media Design, Efrosyni moved to Virginia for a job at an agency doing UX and UI work. In 2016, she joined cousins Tony and Effi on the Kasandrinos team. Today, Efrosyni lives in Rochester, NY with her fiance Domenico. They’re getting married in one of their favorite places, Monemvasia, Greece this summer. Efrosyni’s favorite memory from Greece is eating meals cooked by her Yiayia.

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