So, what’s so special about the Mediterranean diet?

So, what’s so special about the Mediterranean diet?

So, what’s so special about the Mediterranean diet?

First of all, it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle where you get to enjoy food that's good for you, home-cooked meals based around fresh, seasonal produce and good olive oil.

It’s holistic:

A holistic approach that focuses on a non-restrictive dietary pattern and a combination of well-balanced ingredients make a significant difference, health-wise.

It’s a no brainer:

Plant-based recipes, fresh fish, plenty of fruit, legumes, a slice of bread, a drizzle of olive oil and once in a while a glass of wine. It's a no brainer. Eat-in moderation, eat when you are hungry.

It’s flavorful:

Lots of herbs and spices generously sprinkled on every plate, add flavor and depth to the Mediterranean recipes. Fresh herbs can take a dish from good to great. Spices are easy and convenient, always good to have in your pantry. Try making a bottle of infused olive oil. How about garlic and rosemary or chili and oregano? Get our Dressings and Infusions ebook for endless inspiration.

It's colorful:

Eating a rainbow is effortless when you are on the Mediterranean diet. The color of your food reflects its nutritional value, so more colors, more nutrients - fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants! Let’s make it into a fun challenge: Try having two servings a day from every color group. Post a picture on Instagram and tag us! @kasandrinos

It’s easy-peasy:

We do love getting our hands dirty in the kitchen but sometimes we just need a quick bite and hit the road. A Greek salad can be a balanced meal on its own, a 20-minute soup will warm you up in no time and some bread dipped in olive oil will give you the boost you need when you are in the mood for a quick nibble to keep you away from processed snacks. Here, we have a collection of recipes to inspire you! Or sign up for our recipe club to get new recipes every single day!

It brings the family together:

Have you ever seen a Greek eating alone? Ok, maybe you have, but we do prefer gathering around the table, sharing food and a good laugh. Turning our meals into a family event makes the whole experience so satisfying! Positive food-associations, not impossible to follow, unrealistic diets that exclude entire food zones.

It promotes cooking

Home-cooked meals are the real deal. Not only it's the healthiest habit, but it's also wallet-friendly, and super enjoyable! It has been proven that people who cook their own meals at home regularly,  tend to be overall happier and healthier while they are consuming less sugar and processed foods, which can boost their energy levels and contribute to better mental health.

It’s timeless:

Trends may come and go but the Mediterranean diet has always been, and always will be around! Think of it as the Chanel suit of diets, if you will. Widely considered by far the healthiest way to eat by foodies, nutritionists and doctors alike.

Olive oil:

You probably saw that coming but we couldn’t leave olive oil out. In fact, it’s the most important element of the Mediterranean cuisine that will keep your heart healthy and strong. But it does more than that. It promotes healthy digestion, gives you glowing skin, glossy hair and strong nails, oh and it makes everything taste a million times better! 

So, if you’re gonna make one change in your diet today, start with olive oil, you will not regret it!

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