Olive Oil Beauty Secrets

Natural DIY beauty lovers rejoice! Introducing oils to your beauty routine may not be an innovative concept but olive oil really works wonders when it comes to skin and hair care. It has been used as a lush beauty treatment since ancient times, in fact, it was Cleopatra (the original beauty influencer) approved.

Packed with antioxidants that fight free-radical damage and hydrating squalene, it has been proven to be the most efficient natural and safe way to hydrate. Beauty devotees around the world swear by it and with good reason! 

Today we are sharing with you a few tips and ideas on how to incorporate olive oil to your beauty regimen and benefit from its amazing feel-good-look-good properties!

  • Hydrating and healing face mask. 

It can be as simple as applying a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to your face or as opulent as you need it to be depending on your mood and time to pamper. A great way to start is by mixing olive oil with honey and applying it on a clean face to heal dry or irritated skin.  We will be sharing a lot of D.I.Y face and hair masks so stay tuned on the blog for the recipes!

  • Make-up remover

You will be amazed by how efficient olive oil is to remove even the most stubborn makeup! Waterproof mascara you’ve finally met your match! Put a few drops on a cotton pad and gently run it over your face. Pay extra attention to the eye area. Not only it takes all the makeup off but it rejuvenates your delicate skin as well! Finish the demaquillage by washing your face with your usual products and enjoy a super clean and glowing skin!

  • Deep hair conditioning

Store-bought products are doing a great job to keep your hair looking good but sometimes you need a lil’ something extra. Especially during the colder months or after a period where you used a lot of heat and harsh products to tame your mane. This is when we are pulling out the big beauty guns. A hot olive oil treatment will restore the heat damage leaving you with soft, glossy curls! It’s pretty fuss-free too! All you need to do is heat up some olive oil, wet your hair and massage the oil starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends. And since prevention is better than cure we like to indulge in a DIY hair mask every couple of weeks. 

  • Exfoliating body scrub

Body scrubs are so expensive but you can make your own using olive oil and sugar and get the same results –if not better, with the poshest products on the beauty counter. One part oil and two parts sugar will do the trick but you can play around with the ratios and find out which formula works best for you according to your skin needs.

  • Hand and feet treatment

Even your hands and feet need a little pampering sometimes! Olive oil is a safe and natural remedy to relieve dry skin so it’s perfect for your hands and feet. It soothes dry and flaky skin, it repairs cracked heels if used consistently and it does an excellent job for those cuticles too! If you are addicted to your heels, rely on olive oil to soften your feet. If you are an outdoor activities enthusiast, your hands will benefit a lot! It’s a great way to treat brittle and weak nails so give it a go!


Get a cute little drop-bottle and keep it on your nightstand. It’s a great reminder to apply a few drops before you snooze off, and let it work its wonders while you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling glowing and refreshed! Stay tuned for more D.I.Y beauty recipes and olive oil hacks!

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I love these ideas. So simple. I am going to try them all.


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