We know for a fact that extra virgin olive oil is the crème de la crème of oils for us, and we keep discovering new and exciting ways Kasandrinos evoo to incorporate it to our daily menus, add it to our desserts and whip up quick beauty masks based around olive oil to keep our skin, hair and nails strong and healthy.

But have you ever thought that your pet would benefit from olive oil as well? Mind-blowing, we know.

High quality extra virgin olive, has a low acidic content which makes it the perfect choice for your furry friends.  Vets recommend a teaspoon a day per 20 pounds of body weight per meal. Mix it in your dog’s food, wet or dry or just use a spoonful as a treat. Dogs love it, so prepare yourself for extra licks and cuddles.

How Can Olive Oil Benefit our Furry Friends? 

HEART & DIABETES: Olive oil’s healthy fats will keep your dog’s heart-healthy, protect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

IMMUNE SYSTEM:  It also boosts their immune system due to all the powerful antioxidants (vitamin E, polyphenols) so that they can fight off disease and build a strong defense mechanism. Now you can rest assured that they are well prepared and naturally armored when exposed to harmful pathogens. 

ENERGY & YOUTH:Studies suggest that a well-curated diet that includes olive oil may help elongate your dog's life as it helps to prevent free radical cell oxidation, keeping them young and happy! It's also a foolproof way to boost their energy when they giving you those tired puppy eyes from the couch!

BRAIN HEALTH:The link between olive oil and brain health has been confirmed by various studies around the world for both humans and pups. A certain type of polyphenol found in olives and extra-virgin olive oil –oleocantha, was linked to a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia.

HEALTHY SKIN:Let’s get skin deep! Skin conditions are common in the canine community and those bottles of fancy shampoos and conditioners cost a small fortune. If your dog is suffering from dry and flaky skin, rejoice. Olive oil to the rescue! The omega-3 fatty acids in olive oil moisturize your pet’s skin and you will see a massive difference in less than a week! We wish more people knew about this!

CONSTIPATION:Dietary problems and a variety of health issues may cause constipation. Extra virgin olive oil is a great, natural solution to mild constipation as it stimulates bowel movements and works wonders as a home-cure laxative.

REMINDER:Consulting with your vet is always a good idea before making any drastic changes to your dog’s diet, so give them a call before you start. They will also help you figure out the right amount of olive oil that you should be feeding your dog, according to their body weight and overall health condition. Keep in mind that fat has calories and even though they are the healthy and good kind of calories they might cause weight gain if you overdo it. Every dog is different so start slow and pay attention to notice the results. Be aware of potential underlying medical conditions and take the well-being of your pup seriously. Seek medical advice if you have questions about their diet. 

Pick up a bottle of KEVOO & do some tail wagging!

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