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  • KASANDRINOS Olive Oil 12 ML Pack
  • KASANDRINOS Olive Oil 12 ML Pack
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Kasandrinos International

(1) Single 12ml Packet

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Single Spartan Packet - 12 ml 

Take the full-bodied, rich flavor of Kasandrinos olive oil with you anywhere with convenient 12-ml packets. Each BPA-free packet keeps out light and air, preventing oxidation and preserving taste and texture. 

Packets are 100% recyclable and made with water-soluble ink and varnish, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals. 

Perfect for the olive oil lover on the go, Spartan singles fit perfectly into your bag, purse, or suitcase, so you’ll have easy access to fresh, delicious olive oil at any time. 

The Spartan singles are named after the people of ancient Sparta. Known for their powerful and disciplined warriors, Spartans lived in what is now the present-day region of Laconia where the Kasandrinos family is from.

Product Details


100% single-source  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Enjoy Kasandrinos olive oil within 2 years of purchase or 6 months of opening.

Sustainably sourced, EU Kosher Certified, NonGMO, Paleo and PGI Certified

Use Kasandrinos olive oil in sauces, salad dressings, sautés, and drizzled over everything from grass-fed steaks to fresh strawberries.



  • Packaging withstands rigorous testing for compatibility and stability.
  • Spartan packs are tamper-evident without requiring an additional seal or materials.


  • Packaging is made of a paper/foil/poly or paper/poly construction. Standard material is made with SFI and FSC sourced paper, and packs are available that are constructed with 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • Spartan packs use approximately 93% less plastic than similar sized bottles and tubes.
  • Because the packaging is fully collapsible, empty packs occupy only 32 cubic inches as opposed to 432 cubic inches occupied by the same number of empty plastic bottles. This represents a 92% reduction in waste space.
  • Water-soluble ink and varnish on the Spartan packs eliminate harmful pollutants.