3 Ways to Improve Your Life with Olive Oil

3 Ways to Improve Your Life with Olive Oil

Olive Oil has gained a reputation for being the healthful Holy Grail that can save the day. And with good reasons. Today we are looking into how you can benefit from that and we are analyzing the 3 fundamental ways you can and should improve your life with olive oil. 

  • Nutrition

Beauty starts from within they say. So it all starts with good nutrition. You eat well, you feel good, and you look good. Olive oil is a great natural source of healthy fats that support the body’s functions. Lucky for us, it is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures, so we can cook with olive oil and reap the benefits, or consume it raw in salad dressings and dips, for that matter, and get those amazing nutritional properties. Apart from the good kind of fatty acids, it contains generous amounts of vitamin E which is important to vision, reproduction, and the health of your blood, brain and skin and vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin which is important for bone health and wound healing. Olive oil will also armor you with plenty of exogenous antioxidants. Antioxidants are the warrior substances that protect your cells against free radicals, boosting your overall health. So, good nutrition is a key factor in the overall quality of your life, and making small changes every day like consuming a healthy amount (2 tablespoons per day) of high quality, extra virgin olive oil is a great way to start. Check out our recipes right here to get inspired!

  • Beauty

Hair, skin, and nails! We all want glossy locks, a glowy complexion, and strong, healthy nails. Sales of beauty, hair-care and skin-care products worldwide, are a multi-billion dollar business and growing as we speak. But most of those products are either trying to fake a beautiful result or cover and conceal an existing, underlying problem. With olive oil, we have different expectations. It's a miracle problem fixer that has long-lasting results and no side effects. So instead of investing in ways to cover up your beauty issues, invest in a simple, effortless way to fix them. The best and most widespread use for olive oil is as a hydrating balm.  It penetrates deep into the skin or hair to provide a long-lasting shield of moisture. Olive oil (or any type of oil) does not actually hydrate the skin as it doesn’t contain any water itself. What makes it so effective is the fact that it forms a protective lipid barrier on the surface of the skin to help keep the existing water in. The same goes for hair. How do all these improve your life quality? Well, besides having you look fab, even without make-up, it helps you simplify your everyday beauty and skincare routine with a brilliant, multi-purpose product. Hair masks, face masks, moisturizers, lip scrub/balm, eyelash, and eyebrow conditioner, split ends treatment, cracked heel or dry elbow balm, cuticle oil, you name it! You can whip up a quick D.I.Y based on olive oil or just use it on its own. 

  • Home

Speaking of versatility and sustainability, did you know you could use olive oil around the house to clean and polish your wooden furniture? It works really well as a leather balm too, so here is how you will breathe new life into your vintage leather boots, that retro wallet that you scored at the flea market or clean your beloved antique leather sofa.  You can also use olive oil to polish brass or stainless steel! We have an entire blog post dedicated to those brilliant cleaning hacks so feel free to click the link and check it out!

Having a single, multi-tasking product that is as tough and gentle at the same time as you, is life-changing, isn’t it? 

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