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Kasandrinos International

(4) pack Greek Sea Salt - Medium Crystals

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Experience the taste and quality of an Aegean Sea escape with Kasandrinos Greek Sea Salt Medium Crystals! This salt is harvested in Greece and is larger, flatter, less dense, and brighter than regular table salt, so it adds a little extra something special to every meal. Its medium-sized crystals boast a pure salt flavor sure to bring out the taste buds — all without the reckless amounts of sodium that comes with other salts. Not to mention it's got more trace elements than those alternative granular salts you're not too thrilled about. And now you can cook like you ought to — like a pro at the helm of their own destination (get it?). After all, what is food without flavor? So if you're ready for a culinary getaway from everyday meals, embark on your journey with Kasandrinos Greek Sea Salt Medium Crystals. Bon voyage!