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(1) 250 ML Can


The 250 ml Athena Can

Experience the full-bodied, rich flavor of Kasandrinos olive oil from this sleek, easy-to-pour 250-ml can. Designed with freshness in mind, each BPA-free can completely blocks light to preserve taste and texture. 

The Athena is perfect for households of one or two people. Enjoy the no-mess spout while cooking your favorite meals or add the Athena to your dinner table for a simple, delicious dressing option. Choose the subscribe and save button and get the perfect amount of fresh olive oil delivered straight to your door on a regular basis.

A small can that packs a powerful punch, the Athena is named after the heart of the ancient world and the current capital of Greece. To this day, tourists flock to Athens for a glimpse of architectural masterpieces, rich history, and a taste of the Greek life.

 Product Details


100% single-source USDA certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Enjoy Kasandrinos olive oil within 2 years of purchase or 6 months of opening.

 Sustainably sourced, EU Kosher Certified, NonGMO, Paleo and PGI Certified

Use Kasandrinos olive oil in sauces, salad dressings, sautés, and drizzle over everything from grass-fed steaks to fresh strawberries.

(1) 250 ML Can


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