• Superior Taste
  • Family owned and operated
  • It is packaged in bottles & cans with little to no light getting through
  • Organic pesticide free farming
  • USDA organic certified
  • Freshest olive oil. Always the current years harvest
  • PGI certified. Our olives are all from the same location in Lakonia, GR
  • Organic Koroneiki & Athinolia olives are always used
  • Stored in a climate controlled warehouse until the day it is shipped to your house
  • Hand Picked
  • Peak polyphenols & Antioxidents dut to freshness
  • Organic sustainable farming methods


  • Inferior Taste
  • Corporate run company
  • Sits on a shelf oxidizing under the artificial light for months
  • Pesticides used in farming
  • Usually not Organic
  • Generally are at least a year old, often older
  • Blended olive oil from all over the globe, some new oil, some old
  • You don’t know what your getting in your bottle
  • Moved around from warehouse to warehouse with changing climates
  • Machine harvested
  • Degraded polyphenol & Antioxident counts due to age
  • Unsustainable conventional farming methods