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  • Superior taste
  • Family owned and operated
  • It is packaged in bottles & cans with little to no light getting through
  • Organic pesticide free farming
  • USDA organic certified
  • Freshest olive oil. Always the current years harvest
  • PGI certified. Our olives are all from the same location in Lakonia, GR
  • Organic Koroneiki & Athinolia olives are always used
  • Stored in a climate controlled warehouse until the day it is shipped to your house
  • Hand picked
  • Peak polyphenols & antioxidents due to freshness
  • Organic sustainable farming methods


  • Inferior taste
  • Corporate run company
  • Sits on a shelf oxidizing under the artificial light for months
  • Pesticides used in farming
  • Usually not organic
  • Generally are at least a year old, often older
  • Blended olive oil from all over the globe, some new oil, some old
  • You don’t know what your getting in your bottle
  • Moved around from warehouse to warehouse with changing climates
  • Machine harvested
  • Degraded polyphenol & antioxident counts due to age
  • Unsustainable conventional farming methods




Best Olive Oil Ever

This is oil has a cleaner taste than most. I use it daily with vegetables and salads. I put oil on a microwave plate and then add frozen vegetables, garbanzo beans with herbs and spices. Cover the plate and microwave for a couple of minutes on high and add parmesan cheese for the last minute. Quick, easy and delicious. The oil makes it fantastic. Read More..

Austin B.

The Best Olive Oil On Planet Earth!

This review is long overdue. I first tried Kasandrinos EVOO over 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. Up to that point I never cared for olive oil, it always tasted metallic to me. When I first tried KEVOO I was blown away. It was light and fresh with a hint of pepper and not a hint of metal taste. I couldn’t believe I had been avoiding olive oil my whole life due to my previous experience with cheap garbage, mass-produced, adulterated factory oils. The veil of ignorance was lifted from my eyes and I have never looked back. My household now uses KEVOO pretty much daily (we use about 6 Liters a year). Sometimes when I have it out for a salad or cooking I will just have a tablespoon full straight, it’s that good! A small bottle will go with me to restaurants as well since you typically will get the cheapest junk mystery oil they can find. Don’t just take my word for it. Get this KEVOO for yourself and try it, I promise you will never look back.Read More..

Amy W.

Absolutely Outstanding!

I have eaten a lot of olive oil over the years and never before have I come across one with so much depth, body, and such a beautiful color. It's so smooth you can literally drink it by itself! It pairs well with just about everything and the travel packets are a must; they are easy to carry, don't explode accidentally, and fit just about anywhere (I've traveled with them by air and road tripping). And I highly recommend pairing it with one of the Kasandrinos vinegars (the Mixed Berry is HANDS DOWN my absolute favorite! I travel with the whole bottle, no lie!!).Read More..

Liz O.

This is some seriously good stuff…

This is some seriously good stuff. like, once you use this oil, it's hard to go back to anything else -- especially for salads and dipping. I am Italian and grew up with giant cans of olive oil in the house for cooking, dressing, and dipping. yes, some are better than others, but not by a whole lot. at least that's what I thought till I tried Kasandrinos. the taste and mouthfeel are fantastic. and the price makes it irresistible. I also appreciate that it is a family-run business that utilizes its own family olive groves in Greece. all around makes me happy to use this oil!Read More..


The Real Deal

I've never really liked olive oil... because it turns out I wasn't really consuming actual olive oil (hello industrial oil in disguise with misleading labels). This stuff is great by itself for dipping or being used in homemade salad dressings (my favorite). I'm sold, will be a repeat customer from here on out. Thank you for making a real & honest product in a world where they're hard to find. Especially in the food industry!Read More..