Olive Oil and Weight Loss

Will olive oil make me fat? Is a question that we get a lot. 

We thought we would share some olive oil and weight loss related facts with you to present evidence illustrating the relationship between olive oil and weight loss. Prepare to be amazed.

Olive oil and weight loss related facts

 Olive oil is not associated with weight gain and obesity. 

The science behind the fact: On the contrary, diets rich in olive oil have been proven to be good for your waistline and help with long term weight loss, unlike fad diets that put you on a weight loss-weight gain roller coaster. Olive oil helps in keeping the heart healthy and regulates blood sugar, which further leads to weight loss.


Olive oil can help you shrink your waistline. 

The science behind the fact: Olive oil can affect cells and hormones in your body in ways that target your abdominal fat stores and cause them to shrink. 


Olive oil is a good kind of fat

The science behind the fact: Olive oil’s beneficial properties have been ascribed to its high oleic acid content. Besides having high-monounsaturated (MUFA) content, extra virgin olive oil contains other minor components with biological properties. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may prevent lipoperoxidation. The overall body of research has proven changes of lipid profile due to increased consumption of olive oil in one’s diet, and improved endothelial function plus disclosing antithrombotic properties.


Olive oil is recommended and included in calorie-restricted programs for obesity treatment.

The science behind the fact: Obesity, metabolic syndrome (MetS) and diabetes mellitus have been the center of epidemiological, clinical, and experimental research for decades. We now know that olive oil has a profound influence on health outcomes and has proven to be a useful, all-natural tool in the lifestyle of the affected. 


The Mediterranean diet as a whole also was associated with less body fat.

The science behind the fact: Studies suggest that oleic acid, a fatty acid in olive oil, regulates an enzyme that favors weight loss. Take the Mediterranean diet for example. It is rich in vegetables, fruit, legumes, and whole grains, moderate in dairy and low in meat. All of the above are always accompanied by a healthy dose of EVOO. Plus it's appetizing, accessible, and affordable, making it the most sustainable lifestyle choice for long term results. 


Olive oil is good for digestion

The science behind the fact: The healthy monounsaturated fatty acids in Evoo are essential for a good digestion system. Olive oil also helps with bowel movement by making the gut healthy hence easing out bowel movement, which is essential for weight loss.


Cooking with olive oil is a great way to start your weight loss journey

The science behind the fact: Leafy greens and a lot of your favorite veggies are rich in antioxidants, and more specifically, carotenoids. In fact, that’s where that vibrant red and orange color palette comes from. Carotenoids need fat to be absorbed by your body and this is where olive oil comes in and saves the day. 

Olive oil helps satiation

The science behind the fact: Try not to eat beyond the point of satiation, dietitians, doctors, and food experts say. That's not always easy to accomplish given our lifestyle and the abundance of delicious foods available to us daily. EVOO makes everything taste better and it's scientifically proven that when you enjoy your meal you fill up faster and when your veggies taste that good, you end up eating more of them hence ending up consuming good, nutritious food instead of empty calories.


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