Interesting uses of olive oil

If you find the Kasandrinos bottles too cute to hide away in a kitchen cabinet, we can’t blame you. And we are here to give you a few good, extra reasons to get those bottles, or easy travel packets, out of the kitchen and utilize this liquid gold into all areas of your home and day to day life. Today we are sharing the most unique, tried and tested uses for olive oil that will make you gasp with excitement. From making your rain boots look brand new or making your cat’s hair nice and glossy we have all the intriguing tips to make your day, so keep reading and please feel free to add to the list if you have discovered a unique use for olive oil that you must share with the world! We will be featuring the best ones on our social media!

Fix a stuck zipper

The most annoying situation that according to Murphy's Law will happen at the most inconvenient timing. To get on top of things, dab a cotton swab into olive oil and rub on the zipper's teeth trying to avoid staining the fabric. Problem fixed (in 90% of the situations).

Bring your old rain boots back to life.

If you are getting a lot of wear out of your rubber boots, especially in harsh weather conditions you are probably familiar with the white marks that prove how much you love them. Keep the love but get rid of the marks by rubbing olive oil on the boots with a clean rug.

Peel off stickers

You know those cute jars that you would love to reuse but can’t seem to find a way to remove the stubborn stickers? Apply some olive oil, let it soak for a while and it should peer right off! It works really well with price tags as well!

Revive wooden furniture

This is a great tip, especially for antique lovers! You have rescued unique wooden pieces from flea markets and don't know how to polish them and make them look alive again? Wiping wooden furniture with olive oil is an old trick but we felt the need to share, as it's a really, really good one!

Healthy pet hair

Add a few drops of olive oil to your dog’s or cat’s food and watch their coat become glossier and healthier by the day. If you would like to know more about how olive oil can help your pet’s health, please let us know and we will be sharing more tips and facts!

Remove gum from hair

Scary situation but definitely reversible! Soak the gum into a generous amount of olive oil for 10 minutes and gently remove the gum piece by piece. No need for scissors or tears this time! I wish we knew this as kids!

Remove stubborn makeup

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are the toughest makeup products to remove at the end of the day. And we get it, you just came home from a long day at the office (hmm, or partying all night, ok) and you have zero tolerance or energy to spend in taking off the makeup that stubbornly refuses to come off. Olive oil works wonders here as well while taking excellent care of your skin at the same time. A simple cotton pad with olive oil will leave you with a makeup-free face in no time. #NOFILTER needed.

We hope that you are inspired to discover new uses for olive oil and don't forget to share your unique tips and use the hashtag to get featured! 

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