Taking Care of Your Tattoos with Olive Oil

Taking Care of Your Tattoos with Olive Oil

Tattoos are the new norm. We all have them and love them. It's artful, expressive, and an imaginative way of telling our stories or simply decorating our bodies with ink.

More and more people are seeking natural and simple ways to take care of their tattooed skin without breaking the bank or ending up with a shelf of products that don't get the job done. And with the movement of minimalism rising rapidly, versatility is what we are after, so we need one product that does it all.

Say hello to KEVOO (Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil)!


  • It’s Simple
    No complicated skincare techniques, no five-step regimens. Just a few drops of extra virgin olive oil massaged into your skin, will do the trick. Who has time for anything more than that, really?

  • It’s Natural
    No chemicals or added fragrance that could irritate your skin. Chemicals and perfumes can cause an entire range of negative reactions to your skin such as dermatitis or allergies which is the last thing you want. Taking care of your tattoo with an all-natural product is the safest way to go!

  • It’s Cruelty-free
    Opting for vegan and cruelty-free products is not just helping the animals. It's also healthier for you as well and it helps the environment at the same time. And your choices do matter. Choosing to invest in only vegan and cruelty-free products can make a huge impact. Voting with your dollar is ultimately what causes larger companies to institute change.

  • It’s Moisturizing
    When applied to your body, olive oil deeply penetrates the skin and provides a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep it smooth and supple. It may be especially helpful to use extra virgin olive oil on fresh tattoos, to make sure the area stays hydrated.

  • It’s easily absorbed
    High-quality olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin, allowing the tattoos to breathe and not depriving them of oxygen. Moreover, it leaves you with a comfortably supple skin that doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.

  • It has wound healing properties
    Olive oil can help speed up the wound healing process. A secret from the Ancient Greeks the healing power of extra virgin olive oil has been proven time and again. Kevoo can reduce inflammation, which can help your inked skin speed up the wound healing stages.

  • It’s a natural disinfectant
    Olive oil has antibacterial properties that could protect your skin from infection. When we are talking about tattoos this gets to be a number one priority. High-quality olive oil contains an abundance of nutrients that can inhibit or kill harmful bacteria protecting you from infection. In fact, test-tube studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil certain bacteria, that are resistant to antibiotics!

  • It’s right there on your kitchen counter
    Olive oil is a kitchen staple, always there on our kitchen counter. Easily accessible, all-mighty olive oil! Make sure you never run out and grab a bottle of KEVOO today.

    We found that transferring some olive oil in a drop bottle and keeping it on our bedside table is the most convenient way and easy way to remember to take care of our tattoos before bed.

What olive oil should you buy?

You need an oil that contains a high amount of oleocanthal.

Only extra virgin olive oil contains the all-important oleocanthal, so make sure to check the label. Pick a dark opaque bottle that won't let air and light damage the product, check for organic, non-GMO, single-origin olive oil.

Chemical analysis:

There’s only one real way to know if your olive oil is good or not — a chemical analysis. And every batch of Kasandrinos olive oil goes through two independent, third-party tests for quality and freshness. The quality of the oil and the integrity of our process will never change.

That’s why we put our name on the bottle. That’s why KEVOO is the best olive oil for your tattoo aftercare.

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